Red Deer is a thickly populated city of Alberta. In fact, it ranks third after Calgary and Edmonton in terms of population. Located in Red Deer County, Red Deer belongs to a region that is famous for the production of oil, grain, and cattle. Red Deer is a city that is fast emerging as a great place to live in after Edmonton. There are many reasons why this city is considered good for moving and living with your family but one reason that does not find mention in blogs and articles is that the city welcomes new people amidst its population easily and makes them feel safe and inclusive.

Location and climate

Red Deer lies in the region of Central Alberta and it is situated along the banks of River red Deer after which it has been named. The busiest highway of Alberta called The Queen Elizabeth Highway runs through the city. Red Deer is situated midway between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and one has easy access to both the cities. The city has semi arid climate with cold weather conditions.

Excellent educational facilities

If you are planning to move to red Deer with school going kids in your family, you will never have to worry about the education of kids. Red Deer is served by Red Deer Public School System that has a strong network of elementary, Middle and High Schools. In addition, there are many private and Catholic schools to take care of educational requirements of your kids. There is also Red Deer College to take care of college studies of students.

City that provides all modern amenities to its residents

Red Deer has a great infrastructure in place to take care of all modern amenities for its people. For transportation, Red Deer has the regional airport to connect people of the city with the rest of the country and the world. There is also Red Deer Transit that makes it possible for the people to easily reach all places in the city using a fast and efficient bus service. People of Red Deer have access to world class health care facilities through Red Deer Regional Hospital.

Red Deer has a vibrant arts and culture scene with many museums, theater, and symphony orchestra. Canyon Ski Resort is pretty close to red Deer and the city also has many recreation and entertainment facilities.

There are many neighborhoods in Red Deer and it is prudent to consult a local realtor to choose one that is best suited to the requirements of your family.